July 17th  Meeting 2019

Demonstration on Spinning by Val Leaver

Where does Wool come from?

Only  Sheep - all other animals fleeces make Yarn, but not Wool!

Val showed us various fleeces and how the texture can differ from breed to breed.

Starting with raw fleece, washed of course!

Combed using a Hand Carder

Then Spun onto a Bobbin. Val spun the yarn to an Aran weight but thinner yarns can be achieved if required.


The Yarn is then plied, by spining it again in a different direction, when plied it is removed onto a Niddy Noddy to make a hank of yarn


Val explained the process of dying yarns, it sounded fun - if a bit messy!

Depending on the length of time the yarn is in the dye and the strength of the dye different shades can be achieved using the same dye colour.


The Yarn then needs a further wash

 and finally knitted!