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June Meeting 2019

A Workshop designing Garments from Squares, Rectangles & Triangles

Using a Tailors dummy and material to cut into shapes. A fun afternoon was had by all, using the shapes to create designs for garments - letting imagination take the reigns (Apologies from the Editor who forgot to take any pictures of the creations as she was too busy letting her imagination flow)


Show & Tell

All set for Summer with these cotton creations


Lidia set everyone off with examples of what could be achieved using simple shapes.


A finished garment by Lidia using just a square for the back and a rectangle for the fronts and collar 

IMG_20190620_191130 (1).jpg

Maybe it's not that warm! 

Crocheted Shrug in Sirdar Ophelia


Summar cardigan in Sirdar Amalfi Cotton & Viscose Mix

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