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February 2019

February's meeting once again had a demonstration by Lidia, this time on the Garter Bar


The Garter bar - as it's name suggests enables the knitter to turn the knitting on the machine and produce Garter Stitch - this is a little laborious as it would need turning on every row!

However, the Garter Bar can also be used for other purposes:

  1. Knit a number of rows, turn your work using the Garter bar and knit a further number of rows to give a ridged pattern

  2. Removing knitting to clear your machine for another project - the removed knitting can easily be returned to the machine (without turning).

  3. Attaching a sleeve to your garment - no need for waste yarn and all that picking up of stitches, just take your sleeve off on the garter bar and after picking up the garment return the sleeve.

  4. Create Picots, remove every other stitch and move across

garter bar_edited.jpg
garter bar 2_edited.jpg

A little practice is all that is needed !

Show and Tell February

Just the one garment this month.

An elegant garment using edging as demonstrated by Erica Thompson last year


Method for Edging:

  1. Using full need rib cast on approx 15 sts

  2. Transfer a few stitches at one end to the Main Bed

  3. Using T5 on MB and T2 on RB

  4. Knit to length required

  5. Attach to garment

This method is ideal for cut and sew, but also gives a detail of a rolled edge.

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