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June 2022

Demonstration by Lidia

Subject: Pockets

Lidia gave a demonstration of an'All in one' pocket:

Knit 40 rows to top of where pocket will be

Putting stitches left and right of pocket on hold.

(At this point you should knit a welt for the pocket top but on this occasion Lidia omitted the welt)

Knit 80 rows to create a pocket pouch.

Lidia decided having omitted the welt to create a 'design feature' knitting the welt after the 80 rows, this created a pocket 'Flap' which could be larger than example in picture and you could even add a button

After completing pocket take all stitches off hold and continue knitting garment.

Show & Tell:

A selection of Machine knitting, Hand knitting and Crochet this month.

A scarf knitted on the machine, using 4 ply yarn, created in two halves with bead detail crochet around edge


These toys beautifully hand knitted


An easy Beret in crochet - using Puff stitch - pattern found on UTube

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